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Rebluing is more than just restoring the color of a gun. The bluing process adds color, durability and rust-resistance to the metal. Only steel can truly be blued. Other metals can be treated in the same way, but the color will not be the same rich, dark blue of steel.

At U.S. Gunworx, we offer hot salt bluing which is the same process used by gun manufacturers. Bluing starts with complete disassembly of the gun and blasting and/or polishing the steel (depending on customer preference) to prepare it. From there, the gun parts are completely cleaned and degreased in a special solution.

Once the parts are cleaned and ready, they go into the boiling hot salt bluing bath to "cook" - just long enough to achieve the desired coloring. The parts come out of the bluing bath and into a hot water bath to stop the controlled-rusting process and lastly into a water-displacing oil bath to remove all traces of moisture. Finally, the parts are covered in a thin coating of grease and left alone for several days. This allows the bluing to harden and the grease to soak into the pores of the blued metal to help resist future rusting.

Your firearm is now blued. Our gunsmith will then lubricate, reassemble and function check your gun.

Your gun looks new again and has a tough, rust-resistant appearance. With reasonable care, it will look this way for generations.

Bluing does not add any material to your gun. Other coatings - such as painting or plating - do, and can cause fitment problems if not properly applied. The bead-blasted finish is the most durable as it holds more oil in the finish. Progressively smoother, shinier finishes will require more frequent oil or grease wipedowns as the smooth finish does not hold as much protective oil.

Some special considerations:

Double Barrels - The heat of conventional bluing can melt the solder on double barrels and cause them to come apart. We will only Belgian Blue double barrels.

We cannot reblue aluminum, copper, brass, polymer/plastic, nickel or chrome plated guns, or color case hardened parts.

We will reblue PARTS of guns, but an exact inventory of parts is required before we will accept these. However, the customer is then responsible for reassembly and function check of the completed firearm and we cannot guarantee anything other than the bluing itself.

We can also reblue non-gun steel parts such as automotive parts - in the automotive world this finish is known as black oxide coating and is used on many small parts such as bolts and brackets. We only offer a bead-blasted finish on these parts, but you can bring them to us ready-to-blue with the finish you prefer and we will clean and black oxide coat them.

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